We made it, again ;o) . The flight coming home was a little more stressful than the flight leaving home. Seems like it should’ve been opposite since we came home with a heart on the mend rather than leaving home with a broken heart. On the flight to Boston we had Bronson hooked to the portable oxygen and ready to flow, along with a portable pulse oximeter that gave a constant reading of his O2 saturations. Dr. T assured us that he did not need oxygen for the return flight and suggested that if I insisted on using the pulse oximeter that I check my own oxygen saturations :oD ! I reluctantly abided to Dr. T’s assurance, and remained stressed the entire flight. Eric even traded seats with me so that I would quit obsessing over how blue I thought Bronson looked. He only saw pink. Needless to mention that by the time we landed in Phoenix, my “blue” goggles were seeing pink also! Amazing how stress distorts reality.  The story provides for a fun laugh anyway. 

I’m sure everyone can imagine, it’s GREAT TO BE HOME! Not just home, but home with Bronsonator’s heart on the mend. I previously noted in a prior post that due to him being on heart and lung bypass that he lost all of his immunity. We are also in the height of flu and cold season. Both of these factors equate to continued isolation from public places, crowds of people, and limited exposure to visitors in our home. It will always be a life long necessity that he avoids sick people when possible. We have plans to start the “Tour De Bronson” around March. Meanwhile I will keep all of you entertained with continued pictures and important news as it develops. Below are pictures from our last few days in Boston. ENJOY!

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