Bronson’s surgery is scheduled for Nov 14 with Dr. Emani at Childrens Hospital Boston. We leave AZ on Nov 8th and will fly through the night. There should be less people on the flight and in the airport, which means less exposure to germs. He has a full day of outpatient testing on Nov 10 that will include blood work, EKG, consult with the cardiology team, and an echo cardiogram. We will admit him to the hospital on Nov 11 for a sedated MRI and heart catheter. Assuming that everything goes great with the catheter procedure, he will be discharged on the 12th and readmitted for surgery on the 14th. Dr. Emani has informed me that he has the entire day slotted for just Bronson’s surgery. I would think this will only be necessary if he is confident, after all of the testing, that he can move forward with the modification to rehab Bronson’s left ventricle. Bronson will not have the bi ventricle repair on this trip. We will half to return to Boston at some point in the future, which is unknown because the point will be determined by how well Bronson’s body adapts to the modification. There could be a few trips back to Boston

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. The Bi Ventricular repair will allow Bronson’s heart to function with all four chambers and he will not have the standard single ventricle staged surgeries. My prayer is just that the Lord’s will be done through the surgical team and that the outcome is the one that will offer Bronson that highest quality of life.

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