Just a quick blurb tonight. I posted last nights update from in the ICU after B being moved in the middle of the night. I woke up to Dr Emani knocking on the wall by the bed space. He, very somberly, said he belived that Bronson’s mitral valve was to blame for the problems he was having and that he wanted to replace it with a new expandable valve called the “MELODY valve”

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. We had known that the valve repair with his last surgery was temporary at best, maybe buying us up to a year before it would need to be replaced. It was 8am when he woke me up and wanted Bronson for the 900 case. I told him to go ahead and set it up because tabatha already had the expectation that the valve would need to be replaced in about 3 weeks. She was half a week off its means that she wasn’t right (hahha). The surgery went very well. Bronson was on bypass for only about 2 hours. When Dr Emani met with us after leaving the post op he had a pep in his step and a grin on his face showing the confidence of a well performed surgery. As of about 6 o’clock Bronson was resting comfortably and holding great numbers. The pressures in both of his atria are showing in the seven or eight area down from the high teens after the last surgery. The plan is to start waking him back up tomorrow and the expectation is that his recovery from this surgery should be a lot quicker than the last one. We’ll keep you as updated as we can but for now this has been a very hectic 24 hours so good night everybody.

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