We were here almost exactly a year ago, yet it feels like it was just yesterday! Our flight was smooth and hassle free. Everyone from the airport attendant to the TSA escort to the flight staff and even the cab driver was exceptional. We arrived to the Yawkey House yesterday just before 7pm EST. Ordering pizza was the priority on our non agenda , after we dropped our bags in our room. So we ate, unpacked, and THEN we finally slept. 6 hours later we started the “snoozing” to our 530am (230am AZ time) alarm, and somehow got out of the door around 7 to make our 730 cardiology pre op tests. Today was X ray, blood draw, echo (ultrasound of his heart), along with basic vitals like O2 sats,  blood pressure, and EKG. The Bronsonator  was a superhero through it all, we are so proud of him! He even entertained us with his dance moves that drew a small crowd in the hallway outside of the x ray lab. Life is truly a party for Bronson and he’s THE LIFE of it!  Below are some pics from our day. We are off for the weekend and plan to make the best of it and enjoy whatever we can find to do to occupy us. We report back to the hospital at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday the 27th for his heart catheter and cardiac MRI. Until then have a super duper Memorial Day weekend and I will update on Wednesday with the surgical plan.  Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts, text messages, emails, and phone calls today!