Happy New Year! Thank the Great Lord, this year was mostly uneventful. There were some “false” scares that weren’t worth mentioning. Most all of them were due to my vigilance to be hyper intuitive to every nook, crany, crack, and crevice of Bronson’s little body

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. We are SO PROUD though to brag about his weight being confirmed in the 50%! Eating and growth is a guaranteed challenge with our heart k…ids. It’s one, that everyone knows, I have made my personal mission to conquer. So with plenty of emotionally taxing days I am finally at peace with this piece of the journey. We are in cold and flu season which means we are on lockdown in an effort to avoid RSV (a common cold to an adult or healthy child but potentially deadly for a heart baby) and the flu. Lockdown this season has been slightly more laxed than last year. He’s bigger and stronger and he’s not recovering from open heart surgery like he was last year this same time. We did, however, start the season with a …. SNEEZE … and alot more. Bronson has already recovered from 2 colds that thank the Lord some more, were just… colds. Still VERY stressful!This year will either be the year that Bronson earns his final surgical badge of honor with his third surgery or it could be the start down a path of unknowns and complications. According to Dr. Emani, his surgeon in Boston, he plans to see us in Boston in Nov. Nov is when he will be almost 2.5 and ready for evaluation to determine when his surgery will be. As you all know, we are pursuing a four chamber heart for him rather than the common 2 chamber/ single ventricle that he’s currently living with. The assumption so far is that since he is thriving without any known complications that the left side of his heart is growing. This offers optimism that four chambers is in his future. With the battles lost this year and the fights still being fought by fellow HLHS babes who I’ve been connected to by “heart”, it’s sometimes challenging to be over zealous. This CHD ride that we’re on is never predicatable. It can take devastaing dips and turns at any second without warning. I have become good though at cherishing every moment. Learning to live like there is a lifetime of future for Bronson grants me peace and sometimes is a default thought. Recently it’s been “easy”, acknowledging that easy is certaintly relative to how much more challenging it is for other families, to rellish the present with how much he is thriving.

We will march on in 2013 with our hearts full of grattitude and an abundance of thanks to our Savior who we give ALL OF THE GLORY to for Bronson’s detection, to leading us to the top center in the world for CHD surgical care, to his current health and strength, to the families who we’ve been connected to that have shared their personal triumphs to devastation this past year with their own journey’s. Always conscious that life with a complex Congenital Heart Defect like Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is never promised nor certain, we’re still full of hope that the “Bronsonator” will prevail! We are always thankful that we have all of you supporting us, praying/thinking about us. Here’s a “virtual” toast to LIFE in 2013!