The Bronsonator not only pushed past 15lbs, finally, he is now on the brink of 17lbs. Since my last post there has been a few uneventful events. Two of the three were routine follow up visits to monitor his vitals. His most recent appointment was last week. They did an echo (ultrasound of his heart), and all is clear. His cardiologist, Dr. Rhee, didn’t have any overly thrilling news to report about his mitral valve, whether there’s movement. However, Dr

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. Rhee has also clearly expressed his skepticism with the rehab of Bronson’s left ventricle. I don’t expect him to be excited about anything less than exponential growth or movement. I am guilty of praying for that miracle growth with a little bit of the “we’ll show him” attitude. ;oD ! Seriously though, Dr. Rhee is a great cardiologist. We’re blessed to be in his care.

The second of the three appointments was prompted by Bronson’s broken “bottle clock” and his loss of desire to take a full bottle for a span of eight days. Weight gain and feeding are the most challenging tasks to conquer with heart babies and can also be the most frightening when they aren’t conducive to overall growth.  Poor feeding, especially with the modifications to rehab his left ventricle, can indicate heart failure. Again, it was another blessing that his poor feeding left us all confused yet happy that he is not only NOT in heart failure but that he is just a BEAST! Laura, who will be transitioning as our primary NP when Beth leaves, ruled out teething, ear ache, constipation, reflux, and basically all other factors that would contribute to poor feeding. Now I speculate it could have just a little to do with his will to explore and grab anything and everything in his sight, aka his “busyiness”. He has got SO MUCH to do, things to see, and stuff to grab that finishing his bottle is no longer the priority on his agenda. It still leaves me confronted with the challenge of ensuring he takes his minimum volume. Since we’ve negated heart failure, the stress from him not feeding is minimal which has prompted me to be creative with defeating HIS agenda and motivating him to comply with MY agenda… his nourishment. We just want a chunky baby, that’s all! Tonight is the night I will be forever parting with the infant scale they loaned us after his first surgery. Not having the convenience to weigh him will leave me with some “scale” withdraw but also free me from that chain that has been binding me when his feeding is poor. I’m meeting Laura tonight to hand it off to her so she can loan it to a newly diagnosed family.

Before I conclude, I want to announce with great pride that the Bronsonator FAILED his Early Intervention evaluation. He is either on track or advanced with his development. They can’t qualify him for the program. ;oD !!